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My journey to a natural health lifestyle and chiropractic profession has been long, eye opening and ongoing.  I have always been health conscious and interested in health, since I was a child.  I thought I was pretty healthy.  I exercised a lot, watched my weight, and ate what I thought was healthy (fat-free, sugar free, diet pop, etc).

When I chose to go to chiropractic college I thought it would be perfect for me.  Chiropractors in my life had helped me so much with aches and pains during my years as a gymnast and then a college rower.  Chiropractic kept my back in check and kept me in the boat.  I was so grateful and appreciative for that as my athletic career was very important to me then.  I really wanted to help athletes in the same way that I was helped. 

The first day of chiropractic college a professor asked everyone in the room why they chose to be a chiropractor.  One colleague said she was told she was unable to ever have children.  She went to a chiropractor for some back pain and “Bam” she was pregnant (her baby was 8 weeks old on our first day of class).  I remember thinking, wow, I had no idea chiropractic could help with that or that someone could be adjusted in pregnancy.  

Another day early in our schooling, a professor asked anyone to raise their hand if they had never taken an antibiotic in their life.  I thought, no way anyone would raise their hand to that.  I grew up in a medically minded family.  I was sick a lot (although I didn’t think so at the time) with ear infections, strep throat, bronchitis, and sinus infections.  I was on antibiotics multiple times a year.  I could not believe it! About 10 people raised their hand!!    That was amazing to me.  All 10 people had been adjusted since birth or childhood.  I couldn’t believe that!  I had no idea babies could be adjusted or that chiropractic could help with ear infections and sinus infections.  

It was this journey through chiropractic school where I learned so much about a holistic lifestyle.  I gained a real appreciation for our bodies and our bodies’s ability to heal itself.  I learned the impact the nervous system has on our whole health and how adjustment's positively impact the nervous system.  I learned that fat free was not healthy.  But real, natural, organic foods were healthy.  Foods not exposed to chemical pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, and food dies, etc. Through my schooling and independent study, I learned and gained an appreciation for other alternative health care, nutrition and supplements, acupuncture, essential oils, herbs, midwives and home birth and so much more.  I am learning more every day.  I have completely changed my way of life.  I don’t reach for pseudoephedrine and Tylenol  and need antibiotics when I have a cold like I used to.  I let the fever kill the bacteria and let the sinuses run and drain the infection out.  I eat healthier, get adjusted, and use a plethora of natural remedies.  We buy our food straight from the farmer.  We have our own backyard organic garden.  We shop at local farm markets.  I have gained an appreciation for local, green, sustainable products and lifestyle.  I continue to enjoy working with athletes and helping them in the way I was helped by chiropractic as an athlete.  I love working with pregnant mother's and children too.  However it is most rewarding when I am able to help a patient truly "get" natural health and make a life transformation toward health.  

I’m so glad I have taken this path and I’m eternally grateful for chiropractic and all of the people and experience’s that I have had leading me to this natural and holistic lifestyle.  It is my passion to share this information with others.  Knowledge IS power!

Dr. Greg's Story

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